Honey, I got the job, glory to God!

After all these years of praying, waiting and hoping… finally, it has happened.

You are now speaking with the assistant project manager for Waisconstruction global. (laughs)

(He receives another call)

Honey I will call you back, I have a call from the office; my office where I work (laughs)

(Drops the spouses’ call and picks the office call)

Hello… (with excitement)

(The voice from the office tells him there is a mistake with his offer and that his position had already been given to another person)

Oh sir please you cannot do that, it was not a mistake sir, the job is mine, I really need this job please.. please…there should be something you can do …..(with pity in his/her voice)

(the voice from the office replies ”our hands are tied”)

How can you tell me it is mistake huh! After all the interviews and everything I have put in this, you call me to say it is a mistake and my position has been giving to another person. Corruption!, corruption is all I smell , I promise you, you will surely hear from me. (speaks Furiously)

(call drops)